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Dinosaurs, Showgirls, Dogs and Sherlock Holmes

You know, I open up livejournal nearly every week to check out the latest Postsecrets, but I haven't updated in ages. Which is a shame because I really do love that I have like 15 years of memories and updates in this thing.

So - here's the update on the last year and a half.

I left the soul sucking job (go me!) for one I loved. I took this random job just to get the heck away from that other one that turned into the absolute best thing that could've happened at that time. I didn't even really know what I was agreeing to do or how much I would get paid when I signed on. It was kind of ridiculous.

Dinosaur Train

I was rewarded with a children's show where I got to work with the Jim Henson company and learn how their puppets work (which is apparently kind of coveted information within puppeteering circles - which I did not even know were a thing until taking that job). I worked with the most famous director I've encountered yet and he was completely delightful and pleasantly visionary and all around wonderful. I joined a team with two other crew who were fantastic - we worked together with no issues and enjoyed each other's company. I had what will quite possibly go down in history as my favorite cast. I had nearly free reign of a company vehicle and got to plan roadside attraction stops on our way from venue to venue for nearly 5 months straight. I got to be a stage manager again. I learned a ridiculous amount about lighting since I am also the lighting director and even though I was pushed to the edge of what I knew how to do time and time again, I managed to get the light plot in the air and functioning every single time.

Ziegfeld's Midnight Frolic

Then over the summer I lived at home with my family and caught up with family and friends that I rarely get to see. I worked part time on a show that made me want to tear my hair out regularly during the entire run, but in retrospect is probably my proudest moment as a stage manager. Artistically, it was the most rewarding thing I've ever done, especially at the start of the summer with the initial cast of the show. As their contracts were up and they moved onto other things, all of their replacements were increasingly less awesome and the show went from being this brilliantly gritty look into the lives of showgirls in the 1920s to what the costume designer started calling the Glee version, which was sad. But at it's height... the Frolic will be tough to top. I also loved that it was an immersive theater piece that made use of the whole theater, which was just so cool, and something I've been interested in working on since grad school.

Clifford the Big, Red Dog Live

After how amazing Dinosaur Train was, why on earth would I say no to another show with the same company? So I spent most of the fall out with Clifford. This show definitely doesn't have all the magic factors of Dinosaur Train, but it's been totally ok and I do still enjoy working for the producing company. The fall leg of this tour was really weird with a lot of layoffs and then weeks at a time without a day off, so the schedule was pretty rough and then that went into a two month unpaid layoff.

Potted Sherlock

During the Clifford layoff, I unexpectedly picked up a mini-tour of a show by the guys who wrote Potted Potter. I worked as an ASM for the 2nd time ever - the first being a dance show back in college - and actually it was a lot of fun. The producer is actually the spawn of Satan and I will never work for him again, but the actual people on the show were fantastic and it was only 1 month long. Also, the pay was pretty darn good. I also got to build and repair a bunch of props, which was sort of fun to stretch those creative muscles again.

The lead actor was also one of the writer's and he is meeting with a new production company to hopefully work on a Game of Thrones parody in the fall and spoke very promisingly of taking the other ASM and me with him. If the pay is the same, it would be terrific if those dates lined up with the start of the next children's theater tour, since they often begin mid-December.

And for now, I'm back with Clifford until the end of April and starting to wonder a lot about the future. Sort of bigger questions like - do I want to just remain a vagabond forever or would I like to find a home? I like the producing company a lot and sometimes think about applying for a General Management/Producer type job. They currently have an opening for a full time Production Manager that I've been pushed towards a little. But I also know that I'm never really as happy as when I'm stage managing, so... there's that.

Speaking of settling down, I've been single since Tim and I broke up, which isn't really a bad thing. It's just sort of become a weird thing to never have a crush on anyone... it's sort of like some of the colors in life are missing. Or something. It just feels a little lackluster. That being said, it's not like it's easy to meet anyone when I spend most of my year with 12 other people I'm on tour with.

Just some things I think about lately. I try to worry less about what the future will bring than I used to though, because, really, who can figure that crap out anyway? But, ya know, trying isn't always succeeding. :oP
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