Melissa (skielf84) wrote,

Chapter 2: Actually in England

I feel like this year is going to pass by very uneventfully.

So far my classes are a joke. To begin with, there are only two. One is called Texts, Politics & Performances, and it is interesting, but not particularly challenging. We just read plays and talk about them. I feel like I'm in a book club. I have to give a 15 minute presentation for it, which is not so pleasant, but not particularly taxing either and write a 3000 word paper, which is ridiculous. That's like 10 pages, maybe not even. I used to think Liberty was a joke, but at least I was required to write long papers and take tests. Holy crap. Who would've ever thought I'd complain about not taking tests.

Theatre Practice I might kill me. Not because it's difficult, but it's all acting, which I am not a fan of. We spent 20 minutes in the last class all standing in different corners of the room screaming "Disgusting" in as many different ways as we could and all I could think was... I could be stage managing on a cruise ship right now getting paid and seeing something cool in a random part of the world and instead I'm doing this. We have 4 projects in that class, which are all quite vague, but the first one is to put on a 30-40 minute chunk of Howard Barker's Gertrude - The Cry, which is a straight tripping take on Hamlet's mom. Tomorrow I have to present a monologue from it. I'd actually prefer to cut out my tongue, but that might make life more difficult overall... and I expect the professor would want me to pantomime it or create Hamlet charades.

Ugh. So in other news, I decided it'd be a good idea to start playing the trumpet again. I sound like an unsteady cow, slowly dying. But it's actually kind of fun. I've been complaining a bit about how bad my playing is, but really, it's mostly just fun to go on Monday nights and not actually have to work much at it or worry about being very good. I'm strangely content to just be 3rd trumpet there forever, which is a pretty big change from my younger competitive days. We have some sort of competition in about a month and a half on a Saturday that should be good fun.

I've also obtained some very part time work as a student deputy - that's what they call it here, which I think is a bizarre name. Deputy in this case means the same as assistant, so I'm working in the school theater every once in a blue moon with the technical director as his assistant. Next Wednesday is my first day when I have to go do a bunch of safety training with him. It's a lot less hours than I'd've gotten working in a retail or food service job, but I'm hoping it will make me hate life less. And since the whole point of the job was mostly to save up whatever I could to travel over the summer, it should be sufficient.
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