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Standby Flying Monkey - Flying Monkey Go

Man. I just quit life. This is one confusing carousel of unpredictability.

In the course of the last two months, my life has changed again. I'm dating a guy named Tim now. It took him threatening to not talk to me anymore to make me realize I was really into him. And at first I was pretty up front about being into someone else, but he was ok with it. I learned later he actually thought I was dating someone, which was insane then that he was willing to be the other guy, but I actually meant that I was still a little confused about Josh. And Josh is still an awesome guy that will always have a special place in my past, but I'm really interested in where this is going with Tim. I wish I could just take him home and show him off to my best friends and be like, "holy cow, did you think a guy like this possibly existed?" Not as in he's the most perfect guy ever, but for me he is pretty perfect so far.

Anyway, enough rambling about romance crap.

I'm in London again. I bet if I went back 5 years almost exactly, I'd have other London posts. I'm here with my friend Jenn from the EUDM. We got off the ship on the 9th and we've been bumming around here the past few days. Yesterday we saw Wicked and Priscilla Queen of the Desert - they were both really good. I was a little sad we didn't get to watch Macbeth at the Globe today, but the tickets were sold out. Now we're back at the hostel and Jenn is trying to sort out her part of the trip to Holland. Tomorrow we're heading to Sheffield to sort out the new school stuff. Then the next day it's finally back to Rahway.

For now though, some dinner and some more adventures.
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