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The quarter life crisis continues...

So I definitely lost my mind recently and quit my job with Holland America. A month ago, when I left, it was the right decision... now I feel a lot less sure. What if no one ever hires me to stage manage anything ever again? What if no one ever hires me to do anything ever again? Ok. I realize the last one is overreacting a little... I'm already working overhire at a school in NYC, William Patterson, and Stockton, and I think I'm going to be approved to go on Montclair's overhire list too. And I got re-certified to substitute teach again. But I hate substitute teaching and I don't like all this uncertainty. I just really want Ringling Brothers to acknowledge my existence, interview me and hire me. Because I'm awesome actually... it seemed a little forward to put that in my cover letter though. Maybe I should've anyway. And I am losing my mind just sitting around at home for days at a time in-between work. I feel really old suddenly and like I've accomplished nothing with my life. Awesome.
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