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I Hate School

I just got my term paper grade back from last semester.

"There a structure here but it needed announcing in the introduction. Sections needed to be linked more smoothly. Give the reader a clear indication of the scope and structure and rationale for your essay.
Some awkward formulations and grammatical errors. I have marked up some of them. Proof read carefully. Try reading your work aloud to get a feel for flow and meaning.
Avoid colloquialisms e.g. ‘across the pond’. Or ‘the good fight’ – it was a ‘good fight’ – better perhaps to say: ‘join the struggle/campaign/movement’…"

When the heck did I forget how to write? I used to be able to type a term paper in my sleep and kick its butt. I'm getting dumber as I get older. And with every passing day in this stupid program, I feel stupider. I just want to go back to work. The thought of writing this thesis is almost insurmountable. I'm not ever getting a PhD.

Stupid school. I hate you. I wish I were waking up in Aruba tomorrow morning.
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